What are pricing error deals?
Pricing error deals belong to deals that have huge price difference in their prices. Many a times pricing error is made mistakenly by the publisher or its team (E-Commerce sites) but many times it is done intentionally so as to garner publicity and it is a marketing strategy by many e-commerce players.
You get a product for very low unrealistic price, you tell others and it works as a word of mouth!!

But the response is so unprecedented that the product is sold out within minutes. So why do you always left behind?

What are loot deals?
Loot deals are deals that have no price error but they do have huge discounts. They are available for a limited time period or till stock lasts, by the e-commerce sites.
What do Pennydeals do?
pennydeals.in is a free service aimed to provide pricing errors and loot deals notifications in realtime fashion i.e. as soon as some pricing error happens in any e-commerce site, you are the first to catch it before anyone discovers it.
How to use pennydeals.in?
Currently there are two options:
  1. You may subscribe to our mailing service, so as soon as any loot deal or coupen comes , you will immediately get an email as a notification.
  2. You may just visit pennydeals.in and there comes deals. This web portal is also realtime so you do not need to refresh the page to see the changes. As new deals comes, you will get a bar at top, you tap it and see new deals.
    Apart from it there are different sections that work as a filter for cheapest deals, most clicked deals and of course pricing error and loot deals.
Is it a free service?
Yes, it is a free service and always will be.
Can I unsubscribe after subscription?
Why not? Unsubscribe link is given in bottom of the email.
Do pennydeals.in share emails with third parties?
Absolutely not. We do not share or sell any email id with or to any third parties and we will never do!
What type of deals will I get on my email id?
You will only get pricing error and loot deals.
If you still have some question, drop us an email at support@pennydeals.in.